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Service Questions and answers

I sent coins for swapping. How quickly will my payment be processed?

Depending on the size of your payment, its enrollment and further processing can take from 3 to 6 network confirmations.

How safe and legal is it to use the Crypto Swapper

Our service does not require any form of user registration, e-mail or personal data. Therefore, you can rest assured that using the CryptoSwapper is not only completely safe, but legal as well.

What is the minimum amount that I can swap with your service?

You can see the minimum amount for swapping before each swap and the corresponding exchange rate.

What is the maximum amount I can send for swapping?

You can send any amount within the current limit of the payment pool for the mix-out crypto currency and will be show with te corresponding exchange rate.

I got the Bitcoin address for the payment. How long will it remain active?

We expect to find the transaction in the mempool within 10 minutes before mark it as expired. If you did not use it during this period, do not use it! although the address will be valid for the next 24 hours ir order to avoid problems, but the exchange rate would be updated at transaction reception time.

How many times can I use the Bitcoin address for swapping?

The Crypto Swapper system generates a unique address for each swap operation. Never re-use this address!

Can I close the browser page after I send the payment?

Of course. All you need is to copy the input address (Bitcoin or whatever) where you need to send the payment and download the guarantee letter with the details of your swap.

What is a letter of guarantee?

With each swap operation, you receive a guarantee letter - detailed information about your payment and the swap conditions. Save this file before receiving funds for the Bitcoin address of the recipient that you specified. Remember that only this letter of guarantee is an indisputable proof of your use of the service.

How can I verify the guarantee letter?

You need to download our public key pub, import it into your keyring and verify the guarantee letter. Depending of your Operating System and the program that you use, you will need to follow some instructions in order to verify a signed document (the gurantee letter). We recommend opengpg.

What is CryptoSwapper code?

After the first use of our service, you receive a unique Crypto Swapper code. Enter this code each time to avoid using your own coins sent during the previous swap. Using Crypto Swapper code will not allow others to track your payments.

Log policy

Crypto Swapper stores your transaction data for between 48 and 72 hours. In case there is a problem, the data will not be erased until the problem is resolved by our support team. In any case, we strongly recommend the use of the TOR network for any transaction (not only with us) and the use of an express email account to contact our customer service area.

Is Crypto Swapper a mix service?

If you want to do a swap between the same kind of coin, you will get a very special exchange rate and you will get your coins from an address totally indepent of your input address.