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How Does CryptoSwapper Work?

Crypto Swapper is the first ever mixing/swapper platform to mix several coins like BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), DASH, ZEC (Zcash) and XMR (Monero). CryptoSwapper breaks the connection between sending and receiving addresses. This is the main priority of our crypto swapper and is necessary for crypto-anonymity. Because the blockchain is a permanent ledger of events, all cryptocurrency transactions are recorded by it. By tumbling your coins using Crypto Swapper, you're able to anonymize information about where you keep your coins, where you send them, and where youreceive them from.To ensure maximum privacy; our system never uses your coin to send to other users. On the other hand; CryptoSwapper has a large pool of crypto currency, allowing us to send payments for almost any amount. After we received your Bitcoin payment; we make a transfer to the specified recipient address from our pool. This means thatyour coin is not involved in this operation and is still stored in the system, and eventually replenishing the main pool for the subsequent payments. As a result, no one can track, and the use of our web service is truly anonymous. Thanks to the constant filling of the reserve, the service operates in an automatic mode.

To make a swap of your coin, you need to follow a simple instruction:

01 Step

Add the address of the final recipient. Make sure it is correct and remember that all payments are final and this address will be the only possible recipient.

02 Step

Set the input amount of the coin of your election. You can see the output amount that you will receive, including service fee and network costs.

03 Step

Before you click on "Start Swapping" you will have to solve the captcha in order to get a crypto swap agreement with us.

04 Step

Send money and download the letter of guarantee. Remember that only this letter is the only proof of your use of our swapper service.

That's all, your payment will be processed in accordance with the terms that you setyourself.

How Does CryptoSwapper Code Work?

If you have previously used a swap on our site, you may have Crypto Swapper code. Enter this code each time to avoid using your own tools sent during the previous mix. Using Crypto Swapper code is optional, but its input will not allow you to track your previousand future payments.